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Here are some more photos I have dug up from my archives, or have been given - They are shown here as thumbnails to save time in loading the page. To see a full sized version (about 640 x 480 pixels), click on the thumbnail.

5TMT Graduation March Past 8 Sep 1970 - WgCdr Starkie taking the salute - Marker is Graham Sparrow. Photo courtesy Neal Miller

Roy and Sharon Sharpe - Frognall 1972. Photo courtesy Neal Miller.

Bob May in P3B cockpit testing the comms - 1978, from the Cairns Post 11 May 1978 - Photo courtesy Bob May.

Bob May at Nimitz Beach, Barbers Point Naval Air Station Hawaii during RIMPAC 78. Photo courtesy Bob May.

L - R: Tim Gallagher (Elec Fitter), Paul Bowen (RadTechA), Carl Smith (Commsop), Bob May, date unknown. Photo courtesy Bob May.

Djinnang get-together May 2006
Back Row (L to R) - Paul Egan, Norv Simpson, Bob Daunt, Ron Faulkner, Trevor Horne, Alan Worthington, John Carruthers, Bob Laxton, Brian Flux, Dennis Greig, Brian Constable
Front Row (L to R) - Russ Walker, Graham (Blue) Cotterell, Les Coxhedge, Roy Smeaton
Photo courtesy Graham Cotterell

Tecs/Operators Darwin 80s Techs and Operators Darwin 80s
Photo courtesy Mal Wilson

Techs Darwin 80s Techs Darwin 80s
Photo courtesy Mal Wilson

3ttc 65/66 3TTC 65/66
Photo courtesy Roger Davis

1TMT Magnetic Island 2017 1TMT Magnetic Island 2017
Photo courtesy Mick Lawson

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