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Here are some more photos I have dug up from my archives, or have been given - They are shown here as thumbnails to save time in loading the page. To see a full sized version (about 640 x 480 pixels), click on the thumbnail.

10KW26 Course May 1968 - Photo courtesy Kel Reynolds - Who is the person between Kel Reynolds and Baz Ryan?

Hmmmmm!!!!!!! Rough lot this!!! Photo courtesy Bob Arthars.

1978 Sgts Mess Lav smallBack Row L-R Philip 'Tubby' Hughson, Bob Yetman, Brian Paterson, George Mellick, Dennis Horton, Brian Flux. Front Row L-R Leon Megaw, Peter McAvaney, Ian 'Rabbit' Jones. Sgts Mess Laverton circa 1978. Photo courtesy Brian Flux.

mtu tech staff small MTU (Frognal) Technical staff - June 1975. Photo courtesy Les Coxhedge.

44rmgt small 44 RadMech Ground Telegraph Course - April 1964 - Feb 1965. Fill in the blanks anyone???? Photo courtesy Les Goxhedge.

RAAFTUS Rabbits. Back Row: Andy MacFarlane, George 'Bucket Mouth' Miller, FlgOff ?, John Millar, Front Row: Neil Rooney, ?, Gary Richardson. Photo courtesy Andy MacFarlane.

Minicomputer Course RADS 1976. L-R Trevor Longmore, Peter Outtrim, Brian Flux, Ray Hannah, Rod Kime. Photo courtest Ray Hannah.

Before the 'Frontal Lobotomy' 29 November 1989. Back Row: John Speirings, Frank Osborne, John Power, Cameron McMorrow, Rudi Edwards, Drew Inness, Front Row: 'Clarky' Clark, Ian Hall.

After the 'Frontal Lobotomy' 30 November 1989

Another one of those notorious reunions - 89-90??? and bigger this time. Photo courtesy Al Pretty.

Ah!!!!! To be in those tropical climes, surrounded by Model 15s. Photo courtesy Al Pretty.

A real rogues gallery - no guessing this time. Back ROW L-R Peter 'Blitz' Kreig, Hans-Robert 'Fritz' van Amstel, Ted Hughes (WOFF), Bob (Scrubber) Scrivener (WGCDR), Ray 'Spider' Worner. FRONT ROW L-R Tony 'Ant' Kociuba, Michael 'Mick' Murphy, Noel 'Didjagetyorendin?' Quarrel (Ex WOFF), Dave '?' Webber, Laurie 'Tippo' Tippins. Photo courtesy 'Fritz' van Amstel.

Hmmmm! Up to date equipment and so are the uniforms. Who are these two???? (Ballarat late 50s) Photo courtesy Ray 'R.G.' Thompson.

Head Honchos at Frognall - June 1975. Photo courtesy Ray 'R.G. Thompson.

Having a couple of convivials - Seagrams included. Jack Beggs, Brian 'Lofty' Carthew, and the late Bill Wright - Ted Rippon's Auburn Hotel - mid 50s. Photo courtesy Ray 'R.G.' Thompson.

The 1AD crew - mid 80s. Standing left to right, - Blue Rhodes, Dave Zilm, Geoff Toulson, Tony Reeve, Steve Swinbourn, Graeme Brownrigg, Doug Higginson, Graham (Bear) Kerr, Jon Thompson, Chris Lawrence, Neil Hunter, Keith Gentle, Mark Thomas. Kneeling - Andrew Hart, Ian Patman, Pete McGranahan, Bill Coyer. Photo courtesy Tony Reeve.

2SQN Comunications Centre Phan Rang 1968/69. Standing left to right - Kev McGinley, Les Ramsey, Al Moorcroft, Gary Good, Al Alcock, Bob Chappell, Bruce (Tex) Writer, John (Shorty) Hodges. Front Row left to right - Ron Fyfield, Gerry Tipping (RadO), Blue Taylor, Nev Davis (Groundie). Photo courtesy Bruce (Tex) Writer.

Headquarters Support Command Lapstone (Early 1950s). Photo courtesy Ron Fryer.

Rear of Headquarters Support Command Lapstone (Early 1950s) showing the Officers Mess and the legendary 'Yum Yum' tree (left). Photo courtesy Ron Fryer.

Original guard house Headquarters Support Command Lapstone (Early 1950s) Great Western Highway in the background. Photo courtesy Ron Fryer.

Telstechs outside workshop - Headquarters Support Command Lapstone (Early 1950s) Note the swimming gear. Photo courtesy Ron Fryer.

Radio Mechanic (Air) Course Ballarat 1949. Photo courtesy Ron Fryer.

Ron Fryers Leave Pass (Outside). Photo Courtesy Ron Fryer.

Ron Fryers Leave Pass (Inside).

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