Djinnang Reunion
26 May 2001

Here are some photos taken at the Djinnang Reunion in Brisbane on 26 May 2001.
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Photos supplied by Neil and Eileen Hunter, Terry Griffin and Bob Arthars.

photo 1 small Yours truly with wife Eileen.

photo 2 small Percy Rawlins and Les Coxhedge.

photo 3 small Rear row: Lofty Carthew, Greg Hawtin, Alan Worthington (obscured), Warren Bryant, Ben Barton, Brian Flux, Bob Laxton, Centre Row: Jack Beggs, Kev Cahill, Norv Simpson, John Morley, Ron Faulkner, Percy Rawlins, Front Row: Neil Hunter, Derek Rolph, Russ Walker (obscured), Bill Greer, Les Coxhedge, Robin Hill.

photo 4 small Rear Row: Ben Barton, Brian Flux, Bob Laxton, Brian Machin, Bob 'Hoppy' Daunt, Terry Griffin, Bob Arthars, Centre Row: Norv Simpson, John Morley, Ron Faulkner, Percy Rawlins, Mick Lawson, Andy Berryman, John McAlister (Commsop), Trevor (T.M.) Horne, Ken Hickey, Graham Saunders, Front Row: Derek Rolph, Russ Walker, Les Coxhedge, Robin Hill, Vic Stallan - Missing Peter Jackson.

photo 5 small Kev Cahill and Norv Simpson

phtot 6 small J.R. (John Richards) and Peter Jackson.

photo 7 small Robin and Judy Hill.

photo 8 small Greg Hawtin and wife.

photo 9 small John Morley, Brian Flux and Brian Machin.

photo 10 small Bob 'Hoppy' Daunt.

photo 11 small Bill Greer and Lofty Carthew.

photo 12 small Commsops unite - John McCormack, Ernie Gimm, Roy Birtles and Jim Neave at the Viking Motel enjoying a morning beer (10:30 am or thereabouts)

photo 13 small J.R. (Yes I still have my screwdriver!!!!)

photo 14 small Warren Bryant, Les Coxhedge and Ron Faulkner.

photo 15 small Jack and Shirley Beggs.

photo 16 small Mick Lawson, Andy Berryman and Ken Hickey.

photo 17 small Les Coxhedge, Ernie Gimm and R.G. Thompson.

photo 18 small Derek Rolph

photo 19 small Peter Jackson, Brian Flux and Susan Flux.

photo 20 small Terry Griffin, Brian Machin and Alan Worhtington.

Brian Machin, Bob Arthars, Neil Hunter, Bob 'Hoppy' Daunt', Jack 'Black Jack' Khan (RadtechG).

Updated 2 July 2001


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